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The Art Of Gratitude: Benefits and How to Practice Gratitude

In today’s world, we have got go many desires that this world has become a very big rattrap for us all. We get one thing then desire another and the cycle keeps going on. We look so much forward that we forget to look at the present. For making our future heaven we make our present hell and thus misery occupies us all the time. We keep on running with an empty bucket without realizing that we have got an ocean present within us also we have so much ego of self that we don’t wanna express our thankfulness thinking doing that will put the other person at a pedestal without realizing that closing our heart only stops the very way through which the love may enter into us and bring the inner gladness and thus comes the importance of gratitude to remind us how many good things and people we already have. When you look forward being satisfied for the things that you already possess you don’t come off being desperate but stable and confident. Without a sense of gratitude for the things that you have, you can’t feel satisfied and fulfilled on your own. That’s the power of gratitude it makes you feel good about yourself. Below I have mentioned several benefits of practicing gratitude and how to practice it.

Some benefits of Practicing gratitude:-
1. It improves Relationships

The kind of energy you have sets your vibe. The people around you will feel and react to it. If you are cool, calm, and collected, people around you will also become cool, calm, and collected and that’s how practicing gratitude improves your relationships with people you interact with. Gratitude makes you a little bit more kind, a little bit more concerned, a little bit more polite to everyone around in general. These small gestures may seem small but are of the utmost importance in our life. These small gestures will improve your relationships with people tremendously which comes by practicing gratitude indeed.

2. It improves your productivity at work

Gratitude keeps our mood filled with positive emotions which helps us feel good about ourselves which in turn results in better productivity at work. Know that as Kahlil Gibran has once said “work is love made visible” and so anything done halfheartedly will only spread bitterness around. So no matter what you do may love be its core which comes from practicing gratitude indeed. Put so much love in your work that people may get compelled to look at your work and thus by practicing gratitude increase your productivity at work.

3. Gratitude reduces negativity

Gratitude helps you focus on positivity and reduces negative thoughts and thinking. When you feel grateful and thankful for there is hardly any chance of negativity to enter into your heart and mind. Gratitude improves your overall well being. It makes you happier from the inside. Know that there are all types of emotions and which emotion you feel more defines your overall well being and not the materialistic things that you possess in this world.

4. Gratitude increases one’s capacity for forgiveness, acceptance, and kindness

Gratitude increases your capacity for forgiveness, acceptance, and kindness. You don’t hold grudges anymore also you become more open-minded and empathic about others too in general. You become A healer, A source of warmth and comfort at the times of need for others. So practice gratitude as much as you can to feel good about yourself and about others and thus to improve your overall lifestyle in general.

Some ways to practice gratitude:-

thank you

1. Write a Thank you note

Writing is the best when you want to express your feelings. In the earlier times as well people used to send letters to get their message across. Be it a person, a thing which you have, or feel grateful for writing a thank you note for the same. Describing what value that particular person or thing is adding in your life and how much thankful you are for that person or thing for adding so much value in your life. Develop a habit of writing a thank you note at least once in a month to remind you and feel grateful for all the things that you already have in your life.

2. Look at people below your social status

To find the things you are grateful for you can look at the lifestyle of people who are poor than you in financial terms. Go to the home of a friend of yours whom you know is financially weaker than you and compare the kind of lifestyle that he lives to the kind of lifestyle that you live. You will instantly begin to feel grateful for all the things that you have but you never noticed before, a good house to live in, good food on your table, good clothes to wear. These things may seem small but you can’t imagine your life without these basic things. Feel grateful that these things are there in your life.

3. List down the things that you are thankful for

Pen down each and everything you feel thankful for be it a bunch of trustworthy friends who support you and help you in times of need, Caring parents, A kind behaviour from a stranger, Your achievements in your life, all the times you were appreciated for in your work, a good grade in your school, everything. Pen all those things down, that are stored in your memories for which you feel blessed.

These things will make you feel good about your existence and will make you submit to the god and when you do that with both of your hands you will begin to feel that your empty bucket is now a filled one. Without gratitude, life is like running with an empty bucket never satisfied. Gratitude brings fulfillment in our life and most importantly peace. Whether you are in a relationship or not, whether you are having a Lamborghini at your door or not, whether you are rich or poor, thin or fat, black or white, short or tall, until and unless you don’t have a bunch of things for which you are thankful for in your life you will always feel deprived and insufficient from the inside.

4. Be kind

Kindness and gratitude both go hand in hand. Gratitude makes you feel peaceful and blessed from the inside. You will become humble and will lose the ego of your self. You will begin to preach universal brotherhood accepting all despite the caste, creed, color, race, gender knowing that we all are leaves of the same tree after all.

5. Prayer

The importance of prayer is that it makes you humble as you submit to the supreme authority god. Next time you go to any holy place while praying be thankful to the god rather than asking like a person with an empty bowl. Thus prayer teaches you thankfulness and thus gratitude for what you have in your life. Know that Peace lies in submission, in gratitude, in thanksgiving, in feeling blessed for what you have and may have in future for when you came here in this world you came with nothing. There is a thing about all the holy places, you find peace in there, as you bow down your head and wash away your ego, your designation, you become humbled. For in the eyes of God everyone is his child and when you begin to submit to him, with both of your hands you shall begin to receive.

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