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6 Most Effective Ways to Become Self Reliant

In this world, as technology is advancing and people are becoming more urbane they have begun to think that they have become cool but along with that, they have become cool by their heart as well. In today’s world, people have become less empathetic and have become ignorant of the feelings of others. In such a time depending on others and carrying expectations from others only leads to break your own heart in the end. At such a time comes the need to become more independent and become self-reliant so that we could take care of ourselves on our own and may not require someone else’s arms to hold us every now and then.

Below I have mentioned 6 ways through which we could become more self-reliant as a person.

1. Become a Better Manager

A big part of becoming self-reliant comes from inculcating an ability to become a better manager. To have an ability to manage your things without losing your peace of mind or giving in to anxiety. This requires patience and an ability to think with quite mind amidst the pile of problems around. There are various books available to read about the same. You can learn from them and take better control of your life.

A man who conquers himself is greater than the one who conquers a thousand men in battle – Buddha

If we all could take a guarantee of ourselves only this world would become a much better place.

2. Improve your skills

The reason why we depend on others is that we find ourselves to be incapable to do certain things that otherwise would have been done if we were capable enough. That is we lack certain skills in certain areas due to which we end up feeling helpless in our life. It’s time that you develop new skills that widen your zone of knowledge and it’s application. That way you would be able to take care of yourself on your own without the aid of anyone else. That would be a way to improve your skills and becoming more self-reliant as a person.

3. Taking problems head-on

Only after wild thunderstorms, we get to embrace the sunshine and rainbows. Only after sweating in the gym for months with discipline, we get our body in shape. Only after making sacrifices for our children, we are able to provide them with good food and shelter. Only after practicing for years, Picasso got enough skills to draw a sketch in no time. It is only after we become successful people begin to admire us. Remember that God gave you the problems but he also gave you an indomitable will. Use that and move forward in your life with courage, confidence and self-assurance that come what may you know deep inside that you would be able to handle the things well on your own. Nothing can bring you down except if you yourself choose to give in.

4. Watch or read something that motivates you

It can be a piece of literature of heroic genre or a simple one-liner quote or a moving film. Sayings from people across the world who lived courageously can motivate you and can change your mindset in no time. It’s important to feel bold enough and not weak or helpless as this world doesn’t give a damn about who you are. So it’s important to not expect the same from them otherwise it’s quite possible that you will end up with a new heartbreak.

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5. Embrace yourself

The bigger part of being self-reliant comes in embracing yourself and being your own best friend. List down the things that make you curious, joyful and excited. Also, identify the areas where you excel at also list down the things that make you different from others. For example, you might be funny, you might be a good painter, or a writer or something that makes you feel proud and loved for who you are.

Why to roam around with an empty bucket?  why to milk others when you yourself have an ocean present within? – Rumi

6. Do work independently

The best way to feel and gain confidence is to do things solo. Go on a solo trip, go alone to give yourself a treat in the restaurant, go to watch a movie solo, do things on your own and you will feel how much freedom you were lacking earlier which now on doing things independently you have gained. It gives you the power to be yourself, to do what you want to when you want to without any sort of restrictions. Do this to feel how self-fulfilled you already are!

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