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7 Effective Ways to Become More Charismatic

Personality development is something that can be acquired and is not something a person is born with. The reason why it’s so important is that it makes you stand out in the crowd. It’s something which makes you different than any other person who has not worked in grooming his personality. There are various traits that help a person to Become More Charismatic.

Here I’ve mentioned 7 Effective Ways to Become More Charismatic and hence stand out in the crowd.

1. Believe in yourself

By this, I mean truly believing your thoughts and feelings and opinions about who you are or what you know about in general. You must have a perspective over things and a view to share. Most of the people doubt themselves deep down in the core and hence hesitate in front of the crowd. This deep down fear needs to be removed whose new foundation can be laid by firmly believing in yourself first.

2. Gain knowledge

A thing about charismatic people is that when they speak they make sense they not only have the courage to speak but a brain too which makes sense to people. Knowledge is the base of your personality it brings to you grace. Read a lot so that in any discussion you may not find yourself helpless or clueless. This knowledge will make people look you in a different light than the others.

3. Join a club

It is very important to go out and meet people who are working on their personality. The easiest way you can do this is by joining a club whose aim is personality development. There are various subtle aspects of personality grooming which you will get to know once you will join a club as it will allow you to interact with people too on a regular basis publicly which is an important aspect of personality grooming as it makes you open up and helps you shed your fear of the crowd. Also, there will be people to guide you as well of whom you can take advice and know where exactly you need to work upon.

4. Get well with your greetings

As Maya Angelou once said “I have learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel” so it becomes very important how you treat the people around you. Are you being kind? Are you being generous? Are you making them feel important? Are you adding some value to their lives? Do you smile when you look at their face? Do you remember their names? Do you maintain eye contact with them? All these things may seem small but count a lot and form your personality as a person. Just maintain a thumb rule that the person who comes in contact with you must leave you in a better state as compared to the state in which they came to you. This only will leave a +ve impression in the mind of the people about you and will justify Maya Angelou’s above-mentioned quote.

5. Be Empathetic

Being able to step into another person’s shoes will not only make them feel understood but will also make them feel that you are a +ve person who just wants to help people out. This will make them feel comfortable enough in your presence and soon they will begin to trust you. Be a good kind, sympathetic listener. The best gift which you can give to someone is your undivided attention. Give people more than what they deserve and know that a glad heart does return the favor. Also, nothing feels better than being thanked for what you could do for someone.

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6. Stay humble

Remember that people don’t follow you because of the position which you hold but because of how much do you care about them as a person. So practice humility, treat people kindly and you will in no time begin to receive the same from them. People think emotionally tap into their emotions to win their hearts. Any good speaker has the ability to move people through his speech as he adds value to the people’s life through his speech. Just like I Have a dream speech delivered by Martin Luther King jr.

7. Body Language

Most part of your communication is done through your body language itself. Use different gestures while you speak like voice modulation, hand moments, etc they deliver the message much easily as compared to when you speak just by words. If you are speaking on a stage use the stage area to move around but be elegant in you steps and don’t get overexcited rather have control over yourself.

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