How to Become an Influencer [Beginner’s Complete Guide]

If you are here, then you must be willing to be an influencer but don’t know how to start and from where to start. No problem at all, we have come up with the full detail guide on “How to Become an Influencer On Social Media”

Step by Step Guide on How to Become an Influencer on Social Media:

1. Identify Your Niche

The first step in becoming an influencer is to identify your niche.

Q. So the question arises how do we identify our niche?

The best way to identify your niche is to pen down your strength and weakness in every sector you think yourself as a master (Don’t be among those who are “Jack of all Trades, Master of None”).  Now start comparing your strength and weakness in every sector. Choose the one as your niche whose strength outperforms more than the strengths in other niche and weakness in the same.

Work on the weakness of the selected niche and eliminate those to be a master in this field.

I have enlisted a few categories that would help you to choose your niche:

  • Digital Marketing (Trending)
  • Modeling
  • Traveling
  • Gaming (Trending)
  • Lifestyle
  • Food
  • Sports
  • Health and Fitness (Trending)
  • Technology Expert (Trending)

Q. Should I stick to one niche at the starting of my Influencer Journey?

Yes, You should prefer sticking to one niche while starting your journey as an influencer. If you want to start with two niches at once, make sure both niche somehow relates to each other like Digital Marketing and Tech.

2. Prioritize Your Social Platform

Once you become the master in your selected niche, Choose the preferred social media that you would be using mostly for your field.

Most Preferred Social Media For Influencers:

You should not use every social media at the same pace for your growth as an influencer, rather you should prioritize the use of social media according to your niche. You should mainly focus on one or two social media along with keeping the existence of others to share your content.

social media platform

Q. How Should I Choose a Preferred Social Platform?

Choosing a preferred social media mostly depends on the niche. You should prefer that media as your preferred which one has more number of audiences in your niche. For example, if you are starting as a Gamer, YouTube and Twitch would perform better than other platforms; if you are starting as a fashion influencer, Instagram would perform better than others. Also, make sure you are using other social platforms to share your works from time to time.

Tips For Using Social Media Platform as an Influencer:

  • Put up an interactive and engaging Bio that would attract users.
  • Add a profile photo and cover pic.
  • Convert your account into a Business profile.

3. Have a Relevant Content

This is the reason why people will be following you and help you to build up your authority on your selected niche. Make sure the content you post is of high-quality that would add value to your users. Whatever you post, keep it authentic (original).

Try to figure out something unique in your content that would make you different and better from other influencers. In other words, try to include a USP (Unique Selling Proposition) in every content of yours. As it would not only help you be different from other influencers but may also help you to grow fast.

Q. Should I Post something else unrelated to the selected niche from time to time?

No, Never ever deviates from the selected niche in terms of posting content for your audience. If you do so, people might lose interest in your content as that would certainly be not their field of interest and which will result in unfollowing you.

However, you can add some of the posts related to your personal life, as it will help you to build a better connection with your audience. Posting about your personal life will make you more relatable to your audience and keep you authentic from their point of view.

Even at the time of the sponsorship post, you should only be sponsoring those that are related to your selected niche.

For instance, If you want to be an influencer in Beauty and Fashion Niche, You should be posting about How to use beauty products, Beauty Product Reviews, Best outfits to wear in case of different occasions, and so on. In case of sponsor’s posts, You should be only accepting those that are in your niche, like Beauty Product promotion, Apparels Brand Promotion, and so on.

4. Consistency is the Key

Consistency is the key to success in every field.

Once you have decided what to post, now you need to decide when should you post. You need to fix a certain frequency of posting content. Either it can be 3 Posts/Day, 1 Posts/ Day, 1 Posts/2 Day, 1 Post/ Week, or whatever you are comfortable with.

Also, have a look at the statistics of the best time to post on the Social Media Platform that you are using as primarily one.

Best time to post on Instagram
Best time to post on Instagram

The frequency of posting also depends on the niche you have selected and the social platform you are using.

  • For instance, if you are into the tech field you need to post more frequently in comparison to if you are into traveling.
  • For instance, if you are using twitter as a primarily social platform then you need to post more frequently in comparison to if you are using LinkedIn as your primary social media.

One thing that you should always look after that content quality should never be compromised in order to post more frequently.

In some cases, if you are running out of the content or either working on one, then either update your audience that post will be coming soon as you are working on it or share you can share your something from your day to day life in order to engage with them.

5. Engage with your audience

Once you start posting quality content with consistency, be ready to engage with your audience.

Q. How to engage with the audience?

Engaging with the audience can be in many forms.

  • You will be getting comments on your posts once it starts to reach more and more audience, make sure you reply to every comment. At a later stage, it won’t be possible to reply to every comment, then at least like their comments to make them feel that they are being noticed and part of your community.
  • It may be possible, some people will be coming in DM either for appreciating you or for asking some professional questions, try to answer every one, at least in the starting days. But make sure once you got a good number of genuine followers, don’t give up your habits of replying to them. Reply to every relevant one and thank them as they are the one because of whom you are growing.
  • You can even Go Live to directly communicate with them by keeping a Q&A (Ask My Anything) Session.
  • To increase followers at a good pace, you should either host a Giveaway or Some type of contest that should be interesting for your audience to engage with that.

6. Be Open to Collaborate

As your posts and content reach will increase, you will be getting a lot of Collaboration requests over Mail, DM, or whatever information you provided to contact you.


Collaboration can be of two types:

  1. Brand Collaboration: A well-established brand will ask you to promote their products or services in exchange for monetary benefits.
  2. Influencers Collaboration: Other influencers will ask you to collaborate with them, this will give you a lot of exposure if the person asking you for collaboration has already established his own credibility among its own audience.

Accept every collaboration that you find related to your niche and will help you to grow. Collaboration gives you exposure to many people that may not even be aware of you.

In some cases (at least, in starting days), you should prefer asking brands and other influencers to collaborate with you by showcasing the benefits they will be getting by doing so.

Be an Influencer, You will always have our Back!!

Best Of Luck

Shyam Kumar
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