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How to be More Resilient Person [10 Effective Ways]

In life, as God didn’t send us with a guiding manual at our hands, we from time to time keep falling from grace but what’s more important is to bounce back every time we fall and thus comes the importance of being resilient so that we could stay unaffected no matter what comes into our life. Below I have mentioned 10 certain ways through which you can be more resilient in your life.

10 Effective Ways on How to be More Resilient Person:
1. Be Confident

True confidence is knowing yourself and having an unshakeable faith in you and your abilities. Be it criticism from someone or some sort of setback in your life, stay confident by reminding yourself that you are way much stronger than you think you are. You have overcome many problems before and you can successfully handle this one as well. Keeping your roots strong by knowing yourself and your abilities well gives you the foundation which remains unshakeable no matter what turbulence comes above as you move ahead in your life.

2. Problems Make You Stronger

Remember that it’s important to face your problems head-on! As problems make you stronger. They bring out the best version of you and make you much confident. Most of the greatest leaders of the world have faced innumerable turmoil in their life the result of which brought such changes that changed the history of their nations. Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Gandhi are some examples of such great leaders who showed us the power of resilience.

3. Surround Yourself with Positive Uplifting People

Your surrounding environment affects you a lot. Thus comes the importance of keeping some positive uplifting people by your side to motivate you, support you, and most importantly believe in you in times of need. So that you may not lose hope and keep moving ahead in your life and deal with all the problems that come in your way with confidence.

4. Learn Patience

Patience is the ability to keep yourself calm no matter what the situation is in front of you. Not giving in to your emotional outbursts and keeping yourself sane and not losing control of the situation requires a certain level of maturity to do that. Don’t start panicking on seeing every problem that comes in your way rather learn to rise above that. This is also a part of being resilient. A person with a lack of patience and perseverance can’t be resilient.

5. Do Yoga and Meditation

Make a habit of doing yoga and meditation daily in your life as these things help you keep your mind calm and relaxed. Having better control over yourself is a must if you are willing to be more resilient in your life. You can’t make a correct decision when your mind is not at ease. You have to learn to keep yourself cool, calm and collected to have better control of your life, to be more resilient in your life.

6. Stop Negative Thought Cycles

You know sadness has depth in it, the more we try to understand better, the more we get stuck inside and it keeps going on. Try to change your -ve thought cycle by doing things that change your mood like watching something funny or involving yourself in some activity which makes you feel good about yourself. As, if you keep dwelling in your negative thoughts it can rot you from the inside and can cause a major setback to your life in the long run.

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7. Take Breaks

It is important to take regular breaks while you’re pursuing your goals as you can end up getting exhausted and may face burnout in the midway. It is important to take regular breaks so that you could keep yourself refreshed from time to time. Thus contrary to the normal perception of being resilient that is constantly moving forward towards your goals we got to know that taking breaks is also an important aspect of being resilient.

8. Don’t Try to do it Alone

It is very important to not lose your conscience in the heat of the moment. It is always good to seek help and to do things in a group setting so that you can help each other out when needed. That way efficiency is more and there is moral support too. It is good to grow together rather than moving forward alone as then even the simplest tasks would become hectic as you would be having no one to support you. In life crisis comes unexpectedly, we think and believe that we are invincible but we soon realise that it is not so when once in a while we fall from grace face the harsh reality of life.

9. Fight For a Cause

When you fight for a cause you rise above your individuality and look forward to help the people around you. It gives you immense power as your responsibility increases. For example:- soldiers fight and sacrifice their lives for their country. It is the highest form of love and devotion that one could show. Also similarly Mother is a soldier at home too. The amount of workload she takes, the amount of selfless sacrifices she makes never taking the credit of the same rises her to the level of a soldier. Similarly, the great leaders of the world have sacrificed and devoted their whole life to live for a cause which was bigger than themselves Like Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and many more who fought for the upliftment of their nations. This level of responsibility gave them the power to rise above their individual problems and think about the problems of the entire nation instead. When you live for a cause your ability to fight back increases tremendously and thus your resilience as then you forget about your individual pain and think about rather the pain of others.

10. Have Faith

Faith is something that makes you believe in you. You surf on your problems when you have faith in you otherwise they drown you.

  • Have faith that one day all your sacrifices will pay off!
  • Have faith that one day you will overcome all your struggles!
  • Have faith that you are stronger than your problems!
  • Have faith that God is with you!
  • Have faith that humanity will prevail!
  • Have faith that your honor will be restored!
  • Have faith that your bright future is waiting ahead for you!
  • Have faith that one day you will come at peace!
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