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How to Be a Good Writer: 7 Effective Steps

Be it sending a text message or sending a long letter to someone or framing better sentences at school or college, what we secretly hope for is having better writing skills in us. Writing skills allow you to express yourself in a much better way as comparison to speaking. Thus it becomes important to acquire such skills so that we may come off better than the rest of the crowd. Writing skills makes you stand apart in the crowd as you become the person who knows what to say when to say in the limited space. We are able to tell more in just a few words when we have better writing skills in our hands. Below I have mentioned sure and certain ways through which you could Be a Good Writer for sure!

7 Effective Steps on How to Be a Good Writer:
1. Start Reading

It’s a famous quote that “A great writer is a great reader first”, as we read we somehow get to know the difference between a well-written text and a not so well written one, and thus we are able to make sure the same while we write. It is very important to be able to identify as without it you won’t be able to recognise which text is better. Also while reading we subconsciously improve our sentence structure and increase our vocabulary too which helps a lot when e write. These are the tools that a writer uses while writing and reading surely provide you that!

2. Observe

The second most important thing that a writer can do is observe. To observe within as well as the world around him. A Writer’s vision filters out and points out the things which we find to be present in front of us but often neglected as we were never able to notice the same. Try to keep your mind present as much as you can so that you may not miss out on any ideas. It’s a skill which can be developed over time by deliberate observation of your surroundings as well as by doing introspection to better understand yourself as well.

3. Tap into your feelings

A better writer is one who is able to connect his emotions to the emotions which are relatable to the whole human society in general as we all go through almost similar situations in our lives. To do that one must be in touch with oneself first and that is done by tapping into your feeling to be able to close your mind and just feel your senses. The thing that moves your heart will compel you to write it down and that thing is often termed as your inspiration.

4. Edit your first draft

It’s time that you should become your own editor as you yourself know better what will make your writing sound better. It’s a saying that “your first draft is your worst draft” it’s true as your first draft is often raw and needs much editing. Edit it many times over if you feel like so until it finds its rhythm. Words have music in it. When said they ring in your ears and thus writing gives you the musical ability to make your words sound. Especially if you are writing poems you will find this musical aspect to be present in it.

5. Read it out aloud

It is important that you read it out aloud what you have written. Read it out in front of people who can give you constructive remarks so that you could improve your writing! Get as many suggestions from your audience as things look different when seen from the audience’s seat also every writer loves his writing it’s only the reader who tells how it actually is! So don’t feel shy to seek constructive criticisms as it can boost the impact of your writing like anything.

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6. Find your own voice

You must have noticed that every writer has his own style of writing which makes him unique, also in every work of the writer that style could be seen to be present in it. It is time that you identify your own. Try to see if you are following any pattern in your writeups. This will help you recognise your own voice on which further you can work more on to polish it to make it sound even better!

7. Write Daily

It is very important to write daily to enhance your writing skills. After all, it’s a skill and like all other skills, it needs regular practice to get polished. So inculcate a regular habit of writing your thoughts and feelings without holding back to improve your writing skills in no time.

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