Advertising: Explanation, Importance, Objectives, Examples

In this guide, we will look at what is Advertising, Explanation, Definition, Importance, Objectives of Advertising and Examples.

What is Advertising?

Advertising is a non-personal form of communicating information related to the promotion of an idea, presentation of goods and services, with an objective to increase the demand of product.

  • The advertisement can be done in oral, written or visual form.
  • The producer uses different medium to advertise their product and services.
  • This form is totally different from publicity.
  • TV, radio, newspapers, internet, magazines can be used as medium to advertise.
  • Thus, it can be said that the advertising is the most important and acceptable tool of promoting the product.


According to Wheeler Opines,” Advertising is any form of paid non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services for the purpose of inducing people to buy.”

According to Richard Buskirk,” Advertising is a paid form of non-personal presentation of ideas, goods or services by an identified sponsor.”


1. Helpful in Competition

If the firm advertise the product with the help of television, radio, by distributing pamphlets, place hoardings it will lead the product to be known by the people and also helps in increasing demand as well as to compete with the other manufactures.

2. A Guide for the Consumer

The advertising provides the right information, right facilities at the right time to the consumers. The advertising helps to make the right choice as well as to spread the awareness.

3. Development of Business

There is a simple cycle for development. If sale increases it will lead to increase in production as well as it will also help in increasing the profit. Thus, it results in the expansion and growth of the firm.

4. Economy

The advertising method of promotion is cheap as compared to others. The expenses done by the manufacturers during advertising can be covered later on when there is a chance of increase in sales, demand and profit.

5. Time Saving

Advertisement provides the information and introduction of the product very easily and so it the consumers does not have to travel from one shop to another for collecting the information about the product or to ask for any such particular type of product as well as the consumers have no idea about the price or any alternative product,

6. Availability of Quality Product

Advertising helps the consumer to get the quality product, because every advertiser wants that the consumers purchase product from them so to achieve this goal, they provide the quality products to their consumers.

7. Improvement in Standard of Living:

Through advertisement consumers come to know about various offers, sales due to this they can afford the products which they were not able to afford previously.

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Objectives Of Advertising:

1. To Increase Sale

The main objective of advertising is to increase the sale of product which automatically leads to increase the profit and growth of business.

2. Creates New Customers

Here there are two points 1) the existing customers who already purchases your product 2) the new customers as the business wants to attract the new customers as well so they continuously advertise the product so that the new customers can be aware of the product.

3. Entry in New Markets

If you stop advertising and promoting your product it will lead to a limited range in sales. So, the main reason of advertising the product is to increase the sales at various area, and lead to unlimited range of sales of your product.

4. To Educate Consumers

If the product stops the advertising of product then the consumer will not be able to get the information about the product so normally it helps in educating consumer by providing the price, content, uses, etc about the product.

5. To Develop Brand Preferences and Brand Loyalty

If the advertising is done regularly then it will increase the brand preferences as the customer would only purchase the product of your brand as well as customer recalls the information about the product as he/she sees that product in the shop. And the consumer will not switch the brand if the manufacturer provides the quality product and will be loyal to that particular brand.

6. To Create Repeated Purchase

It’s very important for a business to create the repeated purchase of that product so they provide the best services and advertising of the services are done.



This type of advertising is available in newspapers, magazines, brochures, flyovers carrying the brand’s message. In this method the publisher is paid by the advertiser to place their ad in publications.


The radio is used as a medium to advertise about the sponsored event or new product. In this method the advertiser pays the radio station to advertise their product during the breaks.


The television can also be used to advertise the product by placing the ad on local and national broadcast networks. In this method the advertiser pays the national or international networks to show their product ad during breaks.

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