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10 Books Everyone Should Read [Must Read Books]

There are plenty of books out there and choosing the best one outs among them to read is in itself a very tedious task. So here I have listed the top 10 Books Everyone Should Read, which will come handy to you and will add a great value in your life for sure.

1. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

This book is one of the best self-help books out there and really lives up to the title which it holds. This book explains everything in such a lucid and explanatory way that you will be compelled to agree with the writer. You would be able to relate with the writer on almost every page, through examples everything becomes so simple to understand. The best part of this book is that it doesn’t repeat itself like other self-help books that keep on repeating the same thing again and again throughout the book.

2. The Essential Rumi by Rumi, Coleman Barks (translator)

This book will make you a fan of Rumi if you are not yet. His quotes are eye-opening and are really empowering. They will teach you the art of living. Also they have a touch of spirituality,  you would be able to feel the mysticism described by him. You will learn a lot about Sufis, almighty, and universal brotherhood in general. The best part of Rumi is that his teachings are not for any particular religion but are applicable to people of every religion.

3. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

This is one of the must-read books in “10 Books Everyone Should Read”. This book is heart-wrenching, to be honest. Despite the enlightening soul of Anne Frank who was just 15 years she had to suffer the most terrible inhuman act in human history just because she was a jew. This book as the name suggests is the diary of Anne frank which she wrote when she and her family were hiding from the Nazis. She describes everything in this whatever she saw and experienced also deep down its also a love story which you will get to know when you will read.

4. Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman

This book is the need of time. Seeing the hectic life of today’s tech-savvy generation this book serves as an antidote to today’s anxiety stricken generation and tells us the importance of EQ(Emotional intelligence) along with IQ. This book serves its purpose totally. This book is a must-read for every person in general.

5. How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This book was written in 1930. But the message it delivers is still much applicable in today’s time. Simple yet profound this book’s techniques really work. The writer has poured his heart out in convincing you to the message he wants to deliver. This book stands the toll of time and is evergreen. Don’t miss this book if you are planning to read.

6. Macbeth by William Shakespeare

This is the best tragedy of William Shakespeare. This play is dark, bloody, and gory. With supernatural characters present in this play,  this play creates the perfect atmosphere to grab the reader’s attention. This play’s themes include ambition, greed, and sin. This play is written by William Shakespeare has the perfect blend of powerful dialogues that will ring inside your mind long after you end reading this play.

7. A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen

This play has a very deep message in it. You will get to know why exactly the title of this play is coined “A doll’s house”. This play’s climax will keep you wondering like anything also the whole plot of the play is so well set that you will get immersed in it. This is a perfect play to be read. Especially if you are fond of plot twist and an amazing climax to end with.

8. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

This is a play which will tell you how money drives people to do acts which otherwise seem to be insane. This play describes how money is seen as a symbol of power, position, respect in the society so much that it makes people obsessed with it and crave for it to the point of suicide. It also has themes of rebellion and sacrifice and it will touch your heart for sure and will also let you know the pain a parent takes to be able to provide a living to one’s child.

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9. Men are from Mars Women are from Venus by John Gray

This book will look like a relationship guide in the first view but actually explains the general psychology of both the genders and so is helpful to both men and women. The author has well observed the behavior patterns of people and explained the same in a very descriptive way. Some people might think that he has stereotyped both the genders but I think that was the way the author used to describe both the genders separately.

10. Rashmirathi by Ramdhari Singh Dinkar

This is the best work in Hindi literature. This book tells you the whole Mahabharata from the perspective of Karna, a character in the Indian Epic Mahabharata. It is also available in English translated version by the name “Charioteers of Rays”. This book the best work in the heroic genre in my view. You would find no flaw in this book, also the message given by Dinkar in every stanza is really impressive and uplifting.

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Do you have any book in your mind that you think everyone should read and come under “Top Books Everyone Should Read”? Please do mention those books in the comment section so that our readers can go through those books. 

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