10 Best Free Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Use!

MyFirmCare came up with a 10 Best Free Resources Every Entrepreneur Should Use for managing team members along with business(all aspects) and its documents.

Well, you just started out you will need some hands to help you in various work. Even someone suggested you tools but they are paid ones. Well, it is not necessary that you have to pay for everything. Every entrepreneur wants to do their work at minimum cost. You can get your job done easily and free of cost. The Internet is a vast resource on its own. Unlimited amounts of tools are available here. You just need to know them that’s all. If you are smart enough you can use these resources very efficiently and in an effective way.

Here, I have listed 10 best free resources that every entrepreneur should use.

  1. Dropbox:

Firstly, you need something to secure your important files and documents. Dropbox is available for free and it has many features like the collaboration with your team to work on a file and file sharing, viewing and editing. 

You can operate Dropbox from the phone to your personal computer. It is accessible from every phone.

They offer 2gb of file storage for free, or if you want more storage you may have to pay for it as a monthly subscription.

  1. GitHub: 

You will need a resource to manage your team. GitHub is used for team management services and it is precisely designed to maintain the collaboration in software development. 

It has no limit to the number of team members, teams and projects. The open-source account is free.

  1. Amazon Web Services: 

AWS is a web hosting service presented by Amazon. It is a trustworthy hosting service available. It offers a lot of reliable, scalable, services including database storage, content delivery, and other features.

  1. Google docs:

Everyone has Google or Gmail account but they are not aware of the services they provide free of cost. Google docs are a document management tool that is very easy to use. It allows you to share the file with others and let them edit the document as well.

If you are using Google docs on pc then you will find other options as well like Google sheets for excel, Google slides for PowerPoint presentation and Google forms for online survey.

And not only this a lot of features is included in the Google docs. You can easily add images to the file by just using Google docs only. The sidebar also gives you a notepad to use for free.

  1. Google trends: 

If you want to create and handle your social media account on your own then it is the best thing to use. As we all know that in today’s internet basically works on the basis of keywords. If you choose the right keywords the audience is yours, if not it will take you a lot of time to build up your audience.

It lets you compare up to 5 keywords at a time to understand which keyword have most influence. It will also show you the top-ranked keyword related to the keyword you are searching for. And you can search according to any time period and you have the option to select for which platform you want the results and the geographical specifications.

  1. Canva:

You need an attractive and conversion maker post for your social media account. But you do not have the skill to operate photoshop if you do you can simply use Photoshop but if you want your work done easily and for free, Canva is an app for you. It helps you to design your post, you can add text, png, jpg or any image art given in Canva itself. All you need is to type drag and down paste it. Everything is done you don’t have to worry that your post gonna take 1 or 2 hours to be done completely. If you still no idea what to do then you can buy another graphic designer posts from them at just $1 each. 

  1. Mailchimp:

As I said everyone has a Gmail account, therefore email marketing is the most preferable marketing. Mailchimp provides newsletter service. It is very efficient to use.

Email marketing basically helps you to aware of new products or offers to your own customers or send mails to attract new customers. Mailchimp gives you an offer package for the startup with all the basic features. The paid service is started at $10 per month.

  1. Grammarly:

It’s most important that your documents are error-free from grammatical mistakes or spelling mistakes. In the hurry we wrote gibberish, so to correct those mistakes we need someone else to check but the chances of being correct are still low.

Therefore, Grammarly provides you to correct those mistakes for free. It will also tell you the tone of your speech and where to correct and what is correct. If you took paid services you will get advantages for verifying the originality of the content with its plagiarism checker.  

  1. AngelList:

If you have a startup then you should know about this platform. We have already talked about angel investors in our funding series article. They help you to grow your startup with their investment. Now the question arises where to find them so we can get funding for our startup and the answer is AngelList. It also helps you to find professional experts who will be interested in working with you. This platform doesn’t include any middlemen. If you are an investor you can also use these platforms to find potential startup for yourself and startup can find their investors.

  1. Free logo design:

Hiring a professional to make your logo would cost you a lot. So why not create one for yourself on your own. Free logo design helps you to explore as many designs as possible. If you are creative enough you can create your logo for free and easily. Just keep in mind the way you want to create your logo and it should be a unique one which means it should not be used by any other company. You can download the logo in HD quality which is really great to use.

I hope you like the resources we have suggested to you. If you think we miss out something then let us know in the comment section.

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